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Placement of specialized staff

The staff placement is a very effective resource for your internal personnel plan. We like to make your work easier and we take over the recruitment of new employees for you.
You give us a worker profile and we will look for the best candidates for you. You can trust our experience!
We have a pool of motivated, goal-oriented and flexible applicants. A fee arises only when you employ one of our candidates.

Personnel Leasing

The Personnel Leasing with PERSOL GMBH offers you a high flexibility. You can this way also better handle the staff shortages, order peak times as well as additional support needs.
You can decide on your own for how long you need our employees. The takeover of our employees is of course possible.


With responsibility for results we takeover secondary businesses and project works (example: telephone services, marketing activities etc.). You can focus on your main business and increase you power to compete.
Please send your inquiry to
info@persol-merseburg.de or to our Fax number: 03461 455 255.

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